Adrian and Caroline Slater demonstrate dog handling at Crufts

Adrian Slater

Adrian SlaterAdrian has been training dogs for 35 years. He is at the top of his field as a Professional Gun Dog Trainer. Adrian has competed and won many working tests, trials and competitions over the years. He is an ‘ A ‘ Panel Kennel Club Judge & was kindly asked to judge the Springer Spaniel Championships in 2009 which was held at Belvoir Castle.

Adrian has represented and qualified to run with different dogs at the prestigious CLA Game Fairs for a number of consecutive years. In 2009 Adrian was awarded the highest score ever achieved by a Springer Spaniel gaining a fantastic 98 points with his ESS " Rosie ".

In 2008 Kipperridge Gundogs were invited by The Kennel Club to attend the Crufts Dog Show which is held every year at the NEC Birmingham. There the Kipperridge Gundogs performed daily in the dog activities arena. The Kennel Club have since invited them Adrian back year on year to perform a gun dog demonstration live in the main arena with the support of his wife Caroline. He has also presented an invitational KCAI lecture on gun dog training and establishing a gun dog training business at Crufts.

In 2010, Adrian was privileged to have been the recipient of "The Gun Dog Trainer Of The Year Award", which was presented to him by The Countryman's Weekly Newspaper in the International arena at the CLA Game Fair.

Caroline Slater

Caroline SlaterCaroline Slater pursued her passion for dogs from the age of 17 when she began training and competing with  German Shepherds, going on to win the National Association of security dog users Championships in 1998.

During that time of training and competing with her much loved German Shepherds, Caroline also qualified with an honours degree in 1995 with the BIPDT. Since then she has risen to the top of her field and established a highly prosperous and well acclaimed dog training school offering Puppy/Novice & Advanced dog training Classes in the Liverpool, Merseyside and Ormskirk, West Lancashire area since 2001.

Just some of her Achievements to date have included;

  1. Appearing on The Channel 4 "The Dog Rescuers" programme offering advice and helping to train and rehabilitate one of the troubled rescue dogs.
  2. Training a puppy for the DFS sofa Advertisement on ITV.
  3. Hosting Seminars alongside her husband Adrian for The Kennel Club at The KCAI lecture theatre at Crufts
  4. Appearing in The Main Arena at The world renowned dog Show "Crufts" alongside her husband Adrian Slater as one of The Top Entertainment Attractions since 2010.
  5. Caroline has worked alongside the Police dog section in The USA.
  6. Training her display team to such a high standard that they were invited to perform at The Sandringham Flower Show in front of The Royal family.
  7. Caroline & Adrian have appeared on Radio Lancashire.
  8. Establishing K92000 as a top venue for puppy training classes.

Caroline has expanded her knowledge of dog behaviour, clicker training, gundog training, pet dog training and even diversified to natural horsemanship attending a course with a top Parelli Instructor. Caroline enjoys working with problem dogs and recommends that as soon as a behavioural problem starts to occur, to seek out the right advice and help by a competant & experienced trainer. 

Adrian and Caroline with Dogs

Together, Adrian and Caroline have had the advantage of learning about the canine world by working with, training and living with many different breeds for many years . They both believe that observing canine behaviour and watching how dogs engage with each other is the key to advancing the skill of learning dog behaviour.

"We must learn to communicate with them on their level and in their language, when we do this we gain the respect and the relationship that makes a dog content, balanced and respectful"

The majority of the problems the average pet dog owner has is simply down to a poor understanding of the leadership qualities or leadership language that is required to keep the dog under control. At K92000 we try to teach the handlers that come, how to communicate in a way their dog understands. We get best results when the owner is committed , willing to learn, and willing to be a leader. The experience of both Adrian and Caroline and the teaching methods they adopt is why K92000 is now being seen as one of the primary training venues in the UK for pet dog obedience, behaviour advice and gun dog training.


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