World Wide British Dog Training Training Courses

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World Wide British Dog Training online puppy training course

"Tailored to train your puppy before attending a puppy school"


9 lessons Instant access

Thank you for choosing to subscribe to our online training course. Our course is tailored from 30 years experience of working with puppies Please Ensure your puppy has not been fed prior to these exercises and that you use high value training treats.

We recommend using meat for training such as hot dog sausage chicken or liver cake.

Why choose World Wide British Dog Training online course?

World Wide British Dog Training has been training puppies for over 30 years. Our proven methods work with all puppies our methods are easy to follow and can be done at home prior to attending puppy school. All Our methods our treat based and will give you the dog handling skills you need before attending a puppy school.

I want a group session so my puppy can socialise why do I need an online course first?

Group sessions are great for building puppies social skills however too much social interaction without obedience can work against you in the long run. Our online course will condition your puppy to engage you and focus on you prior to attending a group class.

Why do I need to teach my puppy to engage me from an early age?

Puppies are like sponges and absorb much information from an early age the more you can teach your puppy to give you eye contact focus and engagement the better obedience you will have as you progress in your training. Our online school will show you very quickly how to obtain this in 9 easy to follow methods condensed down into 4 to 5 minute tutorials.

How long will it take before my puppy is trained with your online course?

The online course is designed to obtain maximum focus prior to moving on to the harder more advanced exercises. After completing the 9 sessions your puppy will be giving you intense engagement focus and eye contact. Your puppy will learn how to join up with you naturally Follow you about, respond to his name immediately. He will learn recall he will learn to sit and stay and lie down.

What can I do with my puppy after completing your course?

After completing our online course you will be more than confident and have the dog handling skills you need to attend a training school your puppy will have the correct conditioning and attitude in a class situation. Our training methods help in obtaining intense focus which can help prevent behavioural problems from developing and reactivity towards other dogs.

Will there be an advanced course to follow?

We will soon be releasing a follow on course please check back to our website shortly.

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